Photos Reports

Below are a collection of photos that Teacher sends from the school periodically.

Medical Clinic

February 14, 2013


Every year we do a clinic for the students of the Kilimanjaro Children's Foundation looking for problems that are undiagnosed and that might not be recognized by the parents.  We also give mosquito nets away as part of this event.

New Uniforms for the Children


Uniforms are important to our children.  Uniforms are often the primary clothing for our children and are a source of pride and create community.  Bonnie Cobia, of Chicago, and her family recently distributed new uniforms to all 300+ of our children. 

New Dresses and Brithches for All!


A group of friends from Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado, joined together to make pillowcase dresses and britches for the children at the Kilimanjaro English School. Three women came up with the idea and it soon spread to over 75 sewers plus many others who donated pillowcases and materials.  The original goal was to make new clothes for every child in the school. The group far exceeded their goal and ended up with almost 600 dresses and 300 britches. It was a project of love and those involved were very excited to be part of giving to these wonderful kids.


See pictures below of the second distribution of clothes in February 2012.

Lunch is Served! - January 31, 2012

November 2011