Faculty and Staff

The Faculty and Staff of the Kilimanjaro English School

Edward "Teacher" Lazaro

Founder & Head of School


Edward is affectionately known as Teacher by all who know him.  Teacher is married to Dativa and has two children, Savira and Jim.  Teacher is a member of the Safwa Tribe of the southern region of Tanzania.  Teacher has been a mountain guide on Mt. Kilimanjaro since 1996 for Zara Tanzania Adventures.  He has guided clients safely to the summitt of Mr. Kilimanjaro over 450 times.

Dativa Lazaro



Dativa is Teacher's wife and mother of Savira and Jim.  Dativa earned her degree in education from the Teachers Training College and has taught at the Kilimanjaro School since 1997.   

Esta Mwire



Esta has taught at the school since 2005 and completed her teacher training in November 2007.  Esta is from southern Tanzania and a member of the Memalila tribe.

Anastasia Dominique

Cook and Caretaker


Anastasia is the school cook and caretaker and is currently attending teacher training college.  She is from the Chaga Tribe in the Kilimanjaro region.  Anastasia lives at the school with her son Hussain.